Bangladesh’s RMG exports to non-traditional markets surge by 23.75% in July 23

Chisty Tex

Dhaka, Bangladesh –

Bangladesh’s ready-made garment (RMG) exports to non-traditional markets surged by 23.75% in July, reaching a total of $674.82 million. This growth was driven by strong demand from markets such as Japan, Australia, India and South Korea.

Exports to Japan grew by 49.99% to $104.82 million, while exports to Australia grew by 55.73% to $50.89 million. Exports to India grew by 2.60% to $27.12 million, and exports to South Korea grew by 19.59% to $23.32 million.

The strong growth in RMG exports to non-traditional markets is a positive sign for the Bangladesh economy. It shows that Bangladesh’s RMG sector is becoming more diversified and is gaining a foothold in new markets. This is important as the traditional markets for Bangladesh’s RMG, such as the United States and the European Union, are facing increasing competition from other countries.

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