Our Buying house sources compliant garment manufacturers.

Our Fabric technical division sources materials all over Bangladesh and abroad. And has a long expertise in solving fabric issues.

Sourcing - Chisty Tex
Developing / Sampling - Chisty Tex

Developing / Sampling

With 10 pattern makers working on Lectra, and 100 sampling machines our sampling unit is equipped for all your innovations.

Style designs, proto samples, salesman samples, patterns, minimarkers.

Planning & Merchandising

Completing the technical files, allocating & planning orders with suppliers, approvals, production follow-ups, and communication.

One team of merchandisers is dedicated to each customer.

Planning & Merchandising - Chisty Tex
Inspection - Chisty Tex


In all our suppliers including our own unit, our quality team acts as a third party for pre-shipment inspection and is your quality assurance.

Our first ranking in many customer statistics shows our experience.

Competitive Pricing

Our way of pricing is very simple; throughout the sourcing and procurement process, we have a very strict Code of Practice which ensures that nobody involved in our supply chain has an unfair share of profit. Hence, we can confidently ensure competitive pricing.

Competitive Pricing - Chisty Tex
Documentation - Chisty Tex


Our team coordinates and verifies all documentation pre & post-shipment for all our suppliers.

We also produce statistics customer-wise and supplier-wise.