Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

To create environmental sustainability all factories of Chisty Tex understand its responsibility towards society, human resources, and the environment. Hence, we ensure the conservation of resources as per the prescribed local and international laws and regulations.

We work towards.

  • To comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations.
  • To conserve natural resources through responsible management of energy and water use.
  • To adopt cost-effective measures to prevent pollution from our processes.
  • Motivating and preparing all employees to take personal accountability for protecting the environment.
  • Planning, implementing and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.
Environment - Chisty Tex

We have a highly trained and professionally competent Environmental responsible team who have been discharging their effective governance in the area of Environmental & Chemical related requirements even with upcoming environmental challenges. The entire environmental compliance functions are being closely monitored & proper feedback is given by Director-Compliance.