About Us

We consider ourselves as a professional agency of Garment Sourcing from Bangladesh. We believe that the business we are in requires an innovative and efficient approach to garment sourcing to meet the apparel industry target of Cost, Quality, and Lead Time.

Headquartered in the Global second largest apparel-producing country in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we are fast growing and providing outstanding garment sourcing solutions to our International Garments Buyers: Fashion Brand Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors, and Internet Sellers. Our role as a Garment Buying House in Bangladesh is two folds and unique.

We represent our Buyers to the Local Suppliers and Manufacturers. Moreover, because the nature of the Ready-Made Garments industry in Bangladesh that is almost based on the cost of manufacture, we represent the Local Manufacturers to our Buyers.

About Us - Chisty Tex

CHISTY TEX is an established global supply chain manager, merchandising, and sustainable virtual manufacturing group. Our evolution over the last decade characterizes our passion for delivering true benefits to our global customers in the fashion industry. CHISTY TEX provides sustainable sourcing for the fashion and hospitality industry.

Our solid relationships with manufacturers and quality suppliers around the globe ensure that we maintain high production standards through our team of on-site inspection agents and international trade specialists. Our highly competitive product prices and professional service fees position us to operate on short lead times, low margins, and flexible volume together with our partner suppliers in key low-cost and duty-free countries. CHISTY TEX has a strong ability to work with any of the world’s fashion apparel companies or consumer goods discounters. Our global network, our financial strength, and our leadership in change are the platform for our continued success and future growth.


The legal and commercial Name of the company:
The Incorporation: The company has been incorporated proprietorship under “The Companies Act 1994” and titled as ” CHISTY TEX”. The sponsors setup a professional agency of Garment Sourcing from Bangladesh. The Sourcing house exporting all sorts of Woven, Knit & Sweater Garments.