CSR: Business and Social at the Same Time:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a major initiative that many companies and businesses in Bangladesh accept. The social responsibility of social agencies, in particular the RMG sector, has focused on all stakeholders, including buyers and members of civil society. Since its inception, CHISTY TEX has strived to create a healthy and dynamic work environment for all employees.

CHISTY TEX is one of the first companies in Bangladesh to implement innovative motivation, benefits, safety and training programs to make the workplace enjoyable and productive. In addition to the commitment to work, there is a culture of enthusiastic participation in extracurricular activities throughout the company. These programs have created a sense of goodwill towards their peers, primarily to promote a sense of belonging to the CHISTY TEX family.

CSR - Chisty Tex

CSR policy guides us in accomplishing our mission. CSR is Elaine’s clothing commitment. It is our responsibility to participate in various activities with our workers and our neighbors. Our CSR policy is an integral part of our overall commercial policy.

We have our human resources, compliance, and welfare team, which oversees all facilities daily and reports to authorized individuals. If a health and safety hazard is detected, take the necessary action.

CSR Activities Collaboration with us:

In order to reduce the risks to health and safety at work, we have taken the necessary measures for the workers, such as: awareness, violence and harassment, liability, drinking water, machine safety, use of safety equipment, electrical safety, fire and evacuation drills, etc. We control the working conditions in the factories of our subcontractors. We carry out internal audits in supplier companies; In this case, we follow the factory approved by the buyer to place the subcontract.

Success and sustainability of our business we firmly believe in it. We are committed to and respect our commercial, social and environmental goals and commitments. We are also committed to respecting all laws applicable to our company. We also feel committed and respect all international instruments in this regard.

We will communicate to all our employees the importance of the Environmental Management System (EMS), including waste management. In this sense, we aim for continuous improvement. The long-term policy of our company is to avoid the environment as much as possible. We propose to work with business partners and large investors to leverage our knowledge, information and experience in solving environmental problems and create a better place to live in the world.


We are committed to the vision of being socially responsible and sustainable in our business. Our vision and overall goal are to find a way to successfully carry out our activities to the attention necessary for our natural environment and for those who are affected or affected by these online economic activities.

That’s why we set ourselves and our business partners, in addition to the standards we set for quality protection, business and the environment, the following standards and social requirements. That’s why we submit ourselves and our business partners, in addition to the standards we set for quality, business transactions and environmental protection, the following standards and social requirements.

Chisty Tex - CSR

Social Standards:

In accordance with ILO Conventions, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women of the United Nations our social behavior aimed at the code of international social and recognized level Respect environmental standards. The following requirements are of particular importance.

Compliance with legal regulations:

Our policy is to comply with all applicable national laws and regulations, minimum standards and compliance with all relevant international instruments, including the ILO and UN Conventions. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. The company recognizes and respects the right of workers to freedom of association.