Social Dialogue & Worker Voice

In Malaysia,our work with Just Good Work continues. The Just Good Work application is designed to support migrant workers through their recruitment journey, giving them advice, guidance and helping them understand the legal requirements and local culture.

Obviously during Covid migrant workers haven’t been able to enter Malaysia so we have spent time developing the application and integrating a grievance mechanism with local partner Our Journey, enabling migrant workers to get the support they need.

Social Dialogue & Worker Voice

In China, we took steps to raise awareness of modern slavery and introduced MS training for our colleagues. Given the ongoing concerns of how the Uyghur population is treated in China, it was important for us to help our colleagues understand what the signs of modern slavery are and what they can do if they suspect someone to be a victim of it.

We have made a commitment that means we will disengage with any supplier where there is evidence of workers from the Uyghur region. We publishedthis commitment in our Modern Slavery Statement in December 2020 and will continue to uphold these principles.

In India we have launched the TIMBY app to help workers and their families raise grievances which we then either work on with factories, or are worked on through the community centres and the wider community.

In the UK, to ensure we are doing all we can to support garment workers in Leicester, we are an active member of the Leicester Hosiery Workers Advice and Support Project (L-HWASP). We have supported the project financially as well as committing to work collaboratively with other brands to overcome issues within the Leicester garment sector and help to provide safe workplaces