Mission & Vision


We have a mission to achieve excellence in the production and delivery of high consistent quality clothing with innovative value additions in each stage & remain globally competitive through the implementation of effective mechanisms of high operational efficiencies and skilled manpower.

Mission - Chisty Tex
Vision - Chisty Tex


Becoming world leader in apparel manufacturing in terms of sustained quality, innovating product range, short lead time & efficient services keeping full satisfaction to the customers as our core partners.


  • To comply with all applicable labor laws and regulations;
  • CHISTY TEX understand its responsibility towards the society, human resource and environment. Hence, we ensure conservation of resources as per the prescribed local and international laws and regulations. We maintain & monitor this to create sustainability in all of our factories;
Goals - Chisty Tex
  • To strive hard to optimize profit through transparent business operations within the legal & social framework (with malice to none and justice for all);
  • To reduce the income gap between top & bottom categories of employees.


To become a well-reputed supplier/producer of the Garments Industry to supply the best quality full-produced garments to our customers through on-time delivery being kept equilibrium position of the Socio-economic, ethical, and environment of earth.